Dependable Commercial Roofing Consultants in Crofton, KY

Regardless of experience, new roof projects can typically be a very stressful experience for the individuals involved. If you’re worried about the process going well, it may be a smart idea to bring in an experienced commercial roof consultant to help you. Jantzi's Roof Restoration offers many roofing services, and can even supply you with reliable commercial roofing consultants for your upcoming project. Call us at 270-660-8553 today if you would like to speak with our expert commercial roofing consultants in Crofton, KY or the surrounding communities!

Are Commercial Roofing Consultants Helpful?

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Our Commercial Roofing Consultants Can Help With Your Roof Inspections and Repairs

When it comes to commercial roof projects, they are often a necessity that can’t be put off, even though they are quite an investment. Commercial roofing consultants are in place to make sure you’re getting not only the best service for your needs, but also fair pricing, along with top-grade materials. For a project so large, it can be hard to rely on the word of a roofer you have never worked with before, so calling in an unbiased third party is an easy way to remain confident. There are plenty of aspects to consider with roof projects, and our specialists can help ensure your project stays within your budget constraints, and on a realistic schedule for completion, along with much, much more!

Do I Need Commercial Roofing Consulting Services?

A commercial roof consultant can assist you with any of the listed concerns, and more!

  • Is your roofer pushing for a roof replacement, but you aren’t sure your roof actually needs one? Roof replacement should be a last option, so a commercial roofing consultant can evaluate your roof for other solutions, such as roofing restoration.
  • Are you worried that the quoted price is suspiciously low, or extremely expensive? Costs that are too heft could indicate a roofer taking advantage of you, and costs that are too low can indicate your roofer is under-insured, or worse. Our commercial roofing consultants work to help you determine the reasonable price range that will bring a good job.
  • Are you not sure which roof contractor you should pick? One of the things we can assist you with, is what to look for in a contractor, so that your team can make an educated decision about your roof contractor.

Our Services

Roof Inspections

Roofing Inspections

Taking care of a commercial building is far from easy, and there are plenty of maintenance requirements to keep up with. Your annual commercial roof inspection is one thing you need to make certain you do not forget! All roofing types are expected to have at least a yearly inspection, but with commercial roofs, this is especially important for the longevity of the system. Protect your roof system and schedule your commercial roof inspection in Crofton, KY by calling our roofers at 270-660-8553 today! We can even provide you with affordable commercial roof maintenance if required!

Affordable Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Call Our Commercial Roofing Consultants For Repairs, Inspections, or Maintenance of Your Roof

A commercial roof inspection begins with a complete and nuanced inspection of the roof’s surface for indications of damage. Through this process, commercial roofing consultants will not only look at existing damages, but additionally areas that are weak, or look to be at risk of future damages. Small roof leaks, mildew growth, debris buildup, and more are all things that can be prevented with regularly scheduled roofing maintenance. Issues such as debris on your roof can cause serious problems like rotting, but quick handling of the situation can save your roof from major damages over time.

Additional maintenance offerings include roof system sweeping, and even roof system washing if needed. No matter the age of your roofing installation, consistent maintenance is a necessity that should not be forgotten. If you expect your roof to endure for years, along with effectively defend your business from the elements, inspections and maintenance are the smartest plan of action.

Flat Roof Leak Detection

Roof Leak Detection

flat metal roof with pooled water

Flat Roofs Pond Water, So Commercial Roofing Consultants Use Leak Detection To Find Holes

Is leaking a worry you have about your commercial flat roofing system, or any other types of disrepair? Included in the many problems you will see from a moisture leak, is mildew growth and potential structure damages. It’s generally challenging, however, to pinpoint hidden leaks on flat roof solutions. If you need flat roof leak detection in Crofton, KY for a budget-friendly price, make sure to contact the commercial roofing consultants at Jantzi's Roof Restoration! To find a leak, our professionals depend on infrared roof leak detection equipment that’s specially made to find damages on your roof system, and then we repair those damages! Set up your appointment today by calling 270-660-8553, and make sure to inquire about the other services we offer!

Flat Roof Leaks

Flat roofs require vigilant maintenance routines, and when building owners neglect that maintenance, flat roof leaks will surely occur. At the first indication of a roof leak, it is essential to call for repairs immediately, before the leak creates further problems. If leaks aren’t fixed swiftly, they can become larger very quickly, and threaten the entire facility.

The easiest way to find leaks on flat roof systems, is to employ a process known as infrared roof leak detection. We are able to offer extremely precise repairs thanks to this technology, since it highlights all areas that are leaking, or will be leaking in the near future due to weakness. This method even enables us to combat possible damages, by alerting us to weak areas early on. If you want the best, and you need it fast, you can rely on our cost-effective flat roof leak detection options.

Infrared Leak Detection

Infrared Leak Scans

Commercial buildings are not cheap, but the most efficient way to keep costs down, is to keep your flat roofing system in good shape. Previously, commercial roofing consultants would have to walk around as well as on top of the roof’s surface to look for indications of damages or weaknesses. In our modern day of advancing technologies, Jantzi's Roof Restoration harnesses new technology to provide improved roofing services to our customers.

Contact our commercial roofing consultants now at 270-660-8553 if you would like to learn more about our services such as infrared roof leak detection or to schedule an inspection. We’re your local provider for budget-friendly infrared roof inspection in Crofton, KY and the nearby areas, and we look forward to helping you!

Infrared Roof Leak Detection

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Infrared Leak Detectors Help Commercial Roofing Consultants Find Leaks Noninvasively

You might be asking now, what precisely is an infrared roof inspection solution? If there are indications of water or moisture damage in or on your roof, we can use this technology to determine the exact location of the leak, in addition to the full extent of the damage. A large part of the price for roofing repairs in past years were due to how long it took to locate the leak, but thanks to infrared roof leak scans, we’re able to swiftly locate and fix the issue for a much lower cost.

Along with being quick, infrared technology is non-invasive, which is good for your roof system! This means that we’ll be able to repair your roof before there is significant damage to the roofing or the building below. This technique also clearly displays the level of the damages in question, so with it, you can determine for yourself if a roof replacement is the best solution for your roof system.

If you’re looking at new buildings to buy, our services are additionally a great solution to consider before the purchase, the state of the roof can play a big factor in cost. An infrared roof leak survey will not only locate the current issues with the roof system but additionally reveal to you possible weak areas that could create long-lasting issues later on. Flat roof systems are crafted from various materials like PVC, rubber roofing, and more, but if those materials start to get damaged from a leak, the fastest way to locate that leak is with infrared thermal imaging.

Commercial Roof Washing

Commercial Roof Washing

Is your roofing showing signs of dust, debris, or even blackened streaks or sections? Those marks could be Gloeecapsa Magma, which is a regular algae that can be particularly dangerous to your rooftop. The reason this algae is commonly found on roofs is due to the fact that it feeds off of the limestone available in your roof materials, steadily eating away at them through time. This ugly as well as destructive growth can be stopped as well as removed with a complete roof cleaning. Call 270-660-8553 now to request your cost-effective commercial roof cleaning in Crofton, KY and the nearby areas.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Services

roofer cleans a flat commercial roof

A Commercial Roof Cleaning Removes Built Up Grime and Mold

In situations where mold or algae are present on the roof materials, washing them sooner as opposed to later can save you cash, time, and stress later on. Our roof cleaning solutions are designed to not only remove mildew and algae growths from your roofing, but also to prevent any new mildew or algae from growing. Our cleaning services are good for more than just algae removal, as our roof washing can also remove other dirt and debris from the roofing’s surface.

Though there are many techniques to help your company stand out next to the competition, a clean rooftop can go a long way, considering how budget-friendly it is. Your roof system relies on many things to endure a complete lifespan, and roof cleaning is one of those things. Many roof systems are subject to premature failure when proper maintenance is not done.

With our roof cleaning services, we can protect your roofing investment quickly, and at an affordable cost. Our materials are some of the most efficient in the industry, and we use only the most reliable cleansing solutions. You can rely on our expert roofers to help you with all of your commercial roofing requirements, including installations, repairs, replacements, and roof washing.

Call Our Commercial Roofing Consultants Today

A commercial roof inspection along with maintenance service is affordable, and deeply special to your commercial structure. Ignoring your roofing can cause serious damages in small spans of time, and those expensive repairs are much more costly than your preventative maintenance visits! Luckily preventative maintenance can allow you to pinpoint possible damages, and help you skip early roofing failure or replacement. The commercial roofing consultants at  270-660-8553 are happy to help you schedule your commercial roof inspection in Crofton, KY now! When you need an experienced commercial roofing company you can rely on, count on us.