Which Roof Coating is Right For Your Commercial Roof?

pile of materials for roof coatings

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There are so many types of roof coatings, and they all seam geared toward commercial roofs. So what is the big hype about these products? Well, while each commercial roof coating will have certain advantages over another, they all share the same common qualities that make them so beloved. Roof coatings are energy efficient, meaning that they absorb and reflect the sun’s rays, helping to cool your business and lower your energy bills. They also are all seamless when they are finished installing, making them impenetrable from weather, chemicals, and fire!

Roof coatings can come in paint, spray, or roll form. Some coatings are designed specifically to restore failing buildings, while regular roof coatings are used as an added layer to protect and reapply when needed. All roof coatings are extremely budget friendly, and will save you thousands of dollars in commercial roof replacement fees. If you are interested in getting a commercial roof coating in Crofton, KY, call Jantzi's Roof Restoration at 270-660-8553 today.

Pros and Cons of Different Roof Coatings


  • can handle any climate
  • water based, so easy to install and UV resistant
  • cannot be applied in freezing temperatures or the membrane won’t work
  • loses thickness over time, so needs more recoats


  • won’t get brittle or hard
  • resists erosion and water ponding on flat roofs
  • gets dirty easily, but doesn’t tear easily
  • difficult to adhere to, so have to remove silicone and reapply with recoats, or have compatible chemicals
  • loses reflectivity over time


    • won’t crack or tear under heavy foot traffic
    • won’t fade as much as other roof coatings from sun damage
    • more expensive


    • environmentally friendly and produces no roofing landfill waste
    • can withstand chemical and ultraviolet exposure