Commercial Roof Restoration in Crofton, KY

cool roofing system being installed

Our Commercial Roof Restoration Company Only Uses Energy Efficient Roofing Materials!

If you are in Crofton, KY and needing commercial roof restoration or repairs, Jantzi's Roof Restoration is the company to call! Since 2015, our family-owned business has prided ourselves on delivering quality commercial roof restoration, repair, and installation services with only the finest and most efficient products. If you are wondering what roof restoration is, it is where roof coatings are applied over your aged or damaged commercial roof to help preserve it for another 10 to 20 years. Using highly reflective coatings known as cool roof coatings, these rubber membranes help to protect your roof from all weather and sun damages, saving you thousands of dollars in commercial roof replacement fees. Jantzi's Roof Restoration is a full service commercial roofing company and can service every type of commercial roofing system available. For more information, call us at 270-660-8553.

  • Roof Restoration You can get another decade out of your roof when your apply restorative roof coatings over your existing commercial roof.
  • Commercial Roofer We are a full service commercial roofing company offering repairs and installations of every type of roofing system.
  • Single Ply Roof Install Company Single ply roofs are a thin rubber membrane that is flexible, seamless, and waterproof so your roof won’t leak.
  • Commercial Metal Roofing Repair / Install Metal has long been a favorite for commercial roofs because of how strong, durable, and long lasting it is.
  • Industrial Roofing Contractor If you have an industrial or commercial building and need stronger roofing, go with industrial roofing.
  • Commercial Roof Coatings Roof coatings are sprayed over your commercial roofing system to provide an extra layer of of waterproof protection.

Commercial Flat Roof Coatings

roofer installing a flat modified bitumen roof

We Can Install Any Kind of Commercial Roof You Need!

One of the many products we use in our commercial roofing services are roof coatings. These materials are so versatile and can be used as single ply membrane roofs, as protective coatings, or to restore roofs. All roof coatings are considered a cool roofing system, meaning they will reflect the sun’s rays and help to cool your building and lower your energy bills. Roof coatings can come in roll or spray coating form, and most have a rubber base which makes them extremely flexible and seamless when dry. Their seamlessness prevents any outside instructions such as water, hail, UV rays, animals, trees, and more.

Besides roof coatings, Jantzi's Roof Restoration also supplies metal roofing for commercial and industrial buildings. Lasting a minimum of 50 years, metal is durable and impenetrable. Hail won’t damage your roof, rain won’t leak through the thick metallic panels, and the sun’s UV rays are reflected off it’s shiny surface. The best metal roofing material for commercial roofs is standing seam metal. Since most commercial roofs have flat or low slope roofs, we recommend going with traditional standing seam metal, or mechanical lock which is a standing seam metal roof type specifically made for low sloped roofs for seamless protection.

Commercial Roof Services

Commercial Metal and Flat Roofing

built up roof with rainbow

Built Up Roofs Are A Type of Commercial Roof We Install and Repair!

While we primarily specialize and focus on commercial roof restoration, we are experts at all things commercial roofing! Commercial roofs are known to age faster than residential roofs. This is because their flat bases have direct access to the sun at all times, have nowhere to drain water which creates leaks, and have heavy HVAC equipment on its roofing. A lot of commercial and industrial buildings also use chemicals or high heat which warps and ages the roof, as well. If you need commercial roof replacement or repairs, our licensed and bonded roofers at Jantzi's Roof Restoration can help! We offer commercial roof repairs for all roof types like flat, built up, modified bitumen, green, industrial roofs, and more!

We even provide roof washing! Mold, dirt, and grime can build up on your roof over the years, making it unsightly and covering up damaged you may not know you have. With a thorough power washing, your beautiful roof will be revealed again, helping your business look more professional. If you are needing services other than commercial roof restoration in Crofton, KY like repairs, installation, or replacement, Jantzi's Roof Restoration is the company to call at 270-660-8553.

Roof Restoration

Acrylic Roof Coatings

roofer performs commercial roof restoration by applying foam spray coating

Foam Roofs Are Lightweight Yet Sturdy, Making Them A Great Commercial Roof Restoration Choice!

As experts in commercial roof restoration, we know all about roof coatings! Roof coatings are different from single ply membrane roofs in that coatings are applied over existing roofs to restore them. Single ply membranes are thin roofing systems that are also seamless. When restoring a roof, roof coatings are used. Coatings available for commercial roof restoration are acrylic, silicone, polyurea, elastomeric, and foam. All roof coatings are UV resistant, meaning that they are cool roof classified, and will reduce your energy bills and the temperature of your building.

These coatings can be applied over any commercial roof, which is beneficial because there are certain regular roof coatings that are created just for a specific roof type, like metal. All of the roof coatings that are made for commercial roof restoration are seamless, waterproof, fireproof, hail proof, and lightweight. For your commercial roof restoration roof coatings in Crofton, KY, call Jantzi's Roof Restoration at 270-660-8553 today.

Single Ply Roofing

TPO, EPDM and PVC Roofing

painting epdm roof coating onto commercial roof

Single Ply Roofs Can Be Painted, Sprayed, or Rolled On For Seamless Protection

If you are wanting a commercial roof that is lightweight and seamless, single ply membranes are a great choice! More durable than built up and flat roofs, single ply roofs are flexible and energy efficient. They are applied as a liquid or rolled out in sheet and melded together with heat. When both application processes dry, you are left with a seamless roof. Single ply roofing membranes come in TPO, EPDM, AND PVC forms. While each coating is made out of rubber or polymer, they are mixed with one of the above-mentioned materials to provide specific benefits.

All the roof coatings are energy efficient, so they absorb and reflect heat to cool the building and lower energy bills. This is a huge need for commercial buildings as their flat roofs get direct sunlight and experience sun damage which ages their roofs much quicker than sloped roofs. The seamless membranes provide resistance to all the elements like water, hail, snow, and wind. Some single ply roofs can even withstand chemicals and fire! For an affordable and energy efficient roof that will last for years, call our commercial roof restoration company in Crofton, KY at 270-660-8553 today.

Industrial Roofing

Industrial Roofing Contractor

industrial factory roof with rows of vents

Industrial Roof Coatings Protect Industrial Roofs From Vents, Chemicals, and High Heat

Sometimes, commercial roofs just aren’t strong enough for some buildings and businesses. If that is the case, Jantzi's Roof Restoration also installs and repairs industrial roofs! Industrial roofs don’t have to go just on industrial and warehouse buildings. Many commercial properties like apartments, hotels, hospitals, churches, and offices have industrial roofs! This is because the more people that are in a building, the more HVAC units are needed to cool and heat the place accordingly with all the body heat.

All those air conditioning units are placed on the roof, which not only weighs it down, but damages it. Leaks from the unit can occur, malfunctions, or excessive use from all the systems at once can wear holes into the roof. That is why large complexes and buildings like the ones mentioned above often get industrial roofs. Not only are they safer, but they are cheaper in the long run instead of having to constantly call for commercial roof restoration or repair in Crofton, KY. Call us at 270-660-8553 to set up an appointment for industrial roof repairs or installations.

Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings

roofer applies colored spray coating on metal roof

Metal Roof Coatings Help Keep Metal Roofs From Rusting

Similar to single ply membranes and commercial roof restoration coatings, regular roof coatings are applied over a roof anytime. This could be during installation or repairs. Restorative roof coatings are made of stronger materials that simulate replacing your roof. A roof coating is a milder covering that provides a protective layer over your roof. These coatings are rolled or spray painted on and dry in one seamless layer to create a waterproof roof. Commercial roof coatings also are designed for specific roof types and materials. For example, flat roof coatings are made for flat roofs and have powerful reflective properties to help prevent your flat roof from sun damage since it has direct access to UV rays.

Metal roof coatings are different from all roof coatings in that it has chemicals in it to help prevent the metal roofing from rusting. You can also opt for a colored coating if you don’t like the bare metallic look of an uncoated metal roof. Industrial roofs are either flat or metal, but they have lots of vents and fans on the roof and deal with chemicals and high heat that commercial roofs don’t experience. Because of that, industrial roofs have the strongest roof coating available to be able to handle extreme conditions. A new product of roof coatings is urethane modified acrylic, which we carry from the brand PUMA XL. One of the longest lasting roof coatings, urethane modified acrylic will last 18 years before needing a recoat! Whether you need commercial roof restoration in Crofton, KY or are just wanting to take precaution, roof coatings are vital for commercial roofs. For installation, call Jantzi's Roof Restoration at 270-660-8553 today.

Commercial Roof Restoration and Repair

roofers unroll pvc single ply membrane

For All Your Commercial Roof Restoration or Installation Needs, Call Us Today!

Here at Jantzi's Roof Restoration, our company policy is to provide commercial roof restoration services and customer service based on faith, honesty, and trust. We do that by providing superior installations and repairs of your commercial roof with only the best products. All of our roofing contractors and licensed and bonded, and we are all Conklin roofing certified in the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. For energy efficient and affordable roof coating, metal, or commercial roof restoration services in Crofton, KY that you can depend on, Jantzi's Roof Restoration is the company to contact. Call us today at 270-660-8553 and request a free estimate!